Welcome New Board Members!

Thank you to those of you that have stepped up and taken on more responsibility in the coming year! Click here for a list of our 2019-2020 Executive Board Members.  Becoming a board member is a great way to get more involved in our SLOBs community and get involved in a leadership position.  Our nomination process begins in January – so be sure to fill out a nomination form if interested!

President’s Volunteer Service Awards (PVSA)

A special thanks to the 10 President’s Volunteer Service Award recipients for the 2018-2019 school year. Congratulations to Gabriel Ancajas, Joe Gallagher, Baylor Hoffmann, Grady Hoffmann, Tyler Huang, Nathaniel Joffe, Arjun Satyavrath, Alex White, and Luke Zhang.
“I really love being able to volunteer my time back into the community while investing in something that I am passionate about.”  – Baylor Hofmann, rising Senior at Los Altos High School and two-year President’s Club  Service Award recipient.
“Service to my community is fun when you see the difference it makes.  I like working with my friends and helping people.  It just feels like the right thing to do.”  – Grady Hofmann, rising Junior at Los Altos High School and two-year President’s Service Award recipient.

I got my Presidential Service Award this year through volunteering with the city of Mountain View. It was really cool to have my name called in front of the group. I would recommend that other people try it. This year I am doing it again. I have earned 100 hours from Walden West and I am doing Spartan Sports Camp in the fall.” – Alex White, rising Sophomore, Los Altos High School and President’s Service Award recipient.