MVLA SLOBs offers many volunteer opportunities to its members:

  • Calendar of Events: New and upcoming volunteer opportunities shown in the calendar with detailed contact information for members to sign up.
  • Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities (with no fixed dates):  Are ongoing volunteer opportunities that are not listed on the Calendar of Events because they do not occur on fixed dates.  Click here for a list of events.
  • Donation Opportunities:  Opportunities for members to donate to various causes. 
  • Special Events:  From time to time there are multi-day special events not fully listed on the Calendar of Events because members need to use the registration link to choose available dates/times.
  • Semi-monthly SLOBOpp emails: are sent updating members on new volunteer opportunities in the coming weeks/months.  Included are details on volunteer opportunities and and sign-up information.  
  • Philanthropies:  Local philanthropies we partner with.
  • President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA):  An opportunity to honor the most outstanding volunteers and recognize the impact they make.
  • Volunteer Instructions: Details on how to sign up for volunteer opportunities and how to log volunteer and meeting hours.